Annunciation Catholic Preschool-2023-2024 Calendar

August 7th 2023                                                                   Diocese Kick-Off for Teachers/Beginning of the year meeting-Center Closed

August 8th 2023                                                                   Orientation (6:30pm-7:30pm)

August 9th 2023                                                                   First Day of School/VPK


September 1st 2023                                                           Teacher in service-Center Closed

September 4th 2023                                                            Labor day-Center Closed


October 20th 2023                                                               Teacher in service-Center Closed

October 25th 2023                                                               Trick or Treat Halloween Event (6:30pm-8:00pm)

October 31st 2023                                                               Halloween Parade/Parties


November 3rd 2023                                                            End of first trimester

November 16th 2023                                                           3’s Thanksgiving Day Program (11am-12:30pm)

November 20-22 2023                                                       No Preschool/VPK

November 23-24 2023                                                       Center Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday


December 6th 2023                                                             St. Nicholas Day

December 7th 2023                                                             4’s Christmas Program (11am-12:30pm)

December 15th 2023                                                           Christmas Parties

December 18th-22nd 2023                                                  No Preschool/VPK

December 25th 2023-January 1st 2024                            Center Closed for Christmas Break

January 2nd 2024                                                                 Classes Resume

January15th 2024                                                                Martin Luther King Day-No Preschool/VPK

January 28th 2024                                                                Open House Hours

January 28th-February 2nd 2024                                       Catholic Schools Week


February 13th 2024                                                             Valentine Parties

February 14th 2024                                                             Ash Wednesday

February 16th 2024                                                             Teacher in service-Center Closed

End of Second Trimester

February 19th 2024                                                             Presidents Day-No Preschool/VPK


March 18th-March 22nd 2024                                            Spring Break-No Preschool/VPK

March 15th 2024                                                                  St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

March 27th 2024                                                                  Easter Parties

March 28th and 29th 2024                                                  Holy Thursday-Good Friday-Center Closed


April 1st 2024                                                                       Easter Monday-Center Closed

April 17th 2024                                                                   Art Show (6:30pm-7:30pm)


May 3rd 2024                                                                        Staff Meeting-Center Closing at 3:30pm

May 6th-10th 2024                                                               Teacher Appreciation Week

May 10th 204                                                                        Muffins for Mom (7am-9am)

May 17th 2024                                                                     Family Fun Night (6:30pm-8:30pm)

May 23rd 2024                                                                    Four’s Moving on Luncheon (11am-12:30pm)

May 27th 2024                                                                     Memorial Day-Center Closed

May 31st 2024                                                                      End of the Year Ice Cream Parties

Last Day of School/End of 3rd Trimester


June 3rd 2024                                                                        First Day of Summer Program

June 14th 2024                                                                     Donuts for Dad (7am-9am)

June 19th 2024                                                                     Juneteenth-Center Closed

July 4th 2024                                                                         Independence Day-Center Closed