Fours-GroupThe Four’s

This group is exposed to a variety of experiences and an increased opportunity for fine motor skills. Scissors, manipulatives and cooking are greatly enjoyed by the four year old. Attention span and memory skills begin to mature (through games of color recognition, object size and shape), as does the development of basic math concepts and problem solving skills. Four year olds learn through active participation with adults, other children and materials, while enjoying indoor and outdoor play.

Four year olds are learning to make choices through planned activities. Teacher prepared learning centers will include housekeeping, blocks, science, math, manipulatives, music and art. Through weekly activities, the four year olds are introduced to the alphabet, as well as an introduction to the Spanish language. Math concepts include patterning, sequencing, opposites, shapes, likes and differences, and counting. Other media, such as social studies, art, cooking, and computers, reflect the letter theme of the week.

The Four’s Newsletter and Calendar:

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    The Fours Daily Schedule:

    Room 1 and 2

    7:00 Meet & Greet
    Fine Motor Activities
    8:00 Story Time
    8:30 Outside Activities
    9:10 Morning Prayer
    9:15 Circle Time
    9:50 Snack
    10:05 Gross Motor Activities
    10:20 Happily Ever After
    10:40 Discovering God’s Love
    11:00 Teacher Lead Small Group Activities
    12:00 Mighty Minutes
    12:10 Lunch
    12:30 Outside
    12:50 Math
    1:05 Science/Social Studies
    1:20 Morning Review
    1:30 Preschool Dismissal
    1:35 Optional Rest/ Individual Enrichment Time
    2:45 Snack
    3:05 STEM Activities
    3:35 Outside Time
    4:05 Center Time
    5:05 Story Time
    5:35 Free Choice Centers
    6:00 Dismissal

    Room 3

    9:00 Welcome
    9:10 Moring Prayer
    9:20 Circle Time/Math
    9:50 Snack
    10:05 Gross Motor Activities
    10:20 Happily Ever After
    10:50 Teacher Lead Small in Science and Social Studies/ Centers
    11:50 Review

    12:00 Dismissal