Parent Handbook

The following are some reminders of our rules and policies.  If you have any further questions, please call or email us to discuss these further.  Thank you.


Be sure your child is dressed appropriately in play clothes and for the weather each day. Bring a change of clothes for emergencies and PLEASE BE SURE YOUR CHILD’S CLOTHING HAS HIS/HER NAME CLEARLY MARKED.

The children will not be allowed to bring toys to the Center (exception: Show and Tell).

For infants and toddlers, diapered children must arrive in and use disposable diapers for sanitary reasons. Please furnish diapers by the box, or at least 5-6 daily. They will be marked with your child’s name and you will be notified when your supply runs low. All bottles and baby food must be clearly labeled with your child’s name. Please furnish extra clothing. (Back)


Please, for your child’s safety, NO open-toe shoes, jellies, or slip-on shoes. Sneakers are best for active play. (Back)


Please apply sunscreen each morning. (Back)

Illnesses & Medications

When there are symptoms of illness or other indications that a child is not well enough for group activities, arrangements must be made for the child’s care at home. The school has no provisions for the care of children who are ill. Proper care at the beginning of an illness can often shorten its duration.

Any child who has a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or pink eye must be picked up immediately. If your child has had these symptoms during the night, please do not bring him or her to the Center, as he or she is probably very contagious. Your child must stay at home from school the entire next day and may return to the Center only after the symptoms have disappeared without the aid of medication.

Please notify the Center as soon as possible if your child has been exposed to any communicable diseases or infectious illnesses. By the same token, the Center will notify the parents if the child has been exposed at school.

All medications must be up to date and in their original containers. No medications will be dispensed without a completed and signed medication form. Doctor prescriptions will be dispensed according to the doctors instructions. No over the counter medicine will be dispensed. (Back)

Hurricanes and Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather we will follow the same procedures as the Seminole County Public Schools. However, we will reopen when we deem it safe. Announcements will be made on local radio stations, as well as on the Center’s voice mail. The staff will make every attempt to call you as necessary. (Back)


Please keep your child’s birthday celebration simple, by bringing a special morning snack for the class that day. Please coordinate with your child’s teacher for the amount of the appropriate snack needed. Due to Health Department regulations, food provided by parents for special occasions such as birthdays must be store purchased with the ingredients clearly labeled or prepared at the center.

We also invite you to join in the “Birthday Book” program. We ask you to donate a book to the center on your child’s birthday. A special name plate will be placed in the front of the book to honor your child. You may also include a picture of your child on the inside cover. We hope this will add to the excitement of your child’s birthday. The center thanks you in advance for your donation that will help us maintain a quality library. (Back)

Late Pickup

The Center is open between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00p.m., Monday through Friday. A late pickup fee of $10.00 per child, per 1-10 minutes will be charge after 6:00 p.m. (Back)

Late Tuition

Weekly tuitions are due by Tuesday’s closing. Payments after Tuesday will be automatically assessed a $10 late fee (preschool will be assessed a $15 late fee after the 5th of the month). If tuition is not received by Friday, your child will not be allowed to return until full payment is received or financial arrangements are made. Full tuition must be remitted for all weeks or your child’s place will not be held. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make any exceptions to this policy.

There will be no prorated rates for days missed due to illness, etc. No allowance will be made for holidays falling within a given month. This fact is taken into consideration at the time prices are established. In the event you must withdraw your child from the center you are required to give two weeks notice.

NOTE: There is a $20 return charge for any check returned by the bank for any reason. The check will not be re-deposited and cash payment will be due immediately upon notification. (Back)


During registration, families signed a form which permits their children to be photographed or video taped. If you do not give your consent, kindly submit a written notice to the Directors. Pictures of children may periodically be published on this website unless otherwise instructed. (Back)

Child’s Folder

Your child’s papers and projects are placed inside his/her folder found in the classroom or in the front lobby. Other communications will also be placed in it. Please remember to check it daily. (Back)


The center reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any child. (Back)

Family Involvement

Family involvement is a crucial link between the child’s home and school. Our open door policy encourages parents to be a part of their child’s day. (Back)